MailScan for Mailtraq

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MailScan for Mailtraq (MSMT) is the advanced Real-time Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Content Security solution. This server is published by Fastraq Limited. It acts like a Content Security and Anti-Virus Software between your Mailtraq Mail Server and the Internet. MailScan for Mailtraq integrates with the inbuilt Content-Filtering system offered by the Mailtraq software. On installation, it makes all the necessary setting changes to the Mailtraq system. Hence, MailScan truly functions as an out-of-the-box product. All the MailScan processes are multi-threaded. This ensures that all emails are parallely processed.

MailScan uses the eScan Content Security and Anti-Virus to scan all attachments contained in emails. Emails sent out through the Internet and coming in from the Internet are scanned and cleaned of Viruses and its contents checked, before your actual email server processes the same.

All types of attachments are handled by MailScan, including MIME and UUEncoded. RFC822 attachments, embedded emails, Multipart-Mixed and Multipart-Digest types are also handled properly.


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Looking for Benefits? Here they are!

· Archival of email and attachments

· Advanced Anti-Virus Protection

· Content checking within emails

· Compression of email attachments

· User based email scanning options

· Generic Attachment Analyzer

· Automatic Compression / Decompression feature

· Comprehensive Notification engine

· MailScan report

· Managed Email Ids